Webinar on school climate action plans – synergy of SPARE and ACCT! projects

In the end of June SPARE webinar on development of school Climate Action plan was held online with participation of SPARE regional coordinators. The webinar was focused on cooperation between SPARE and international ACCT! project (Acting for Climate Change Together!), aimed to development of educational materials to inform youth about climate. Viktoria Rudenko, ACCT! project coordinator from Friends of the Baltic NGO presented updated version of school Climate Action Plan manual  with a new educational component, and plan for its testing and approbation. Participants discussed how CAP work may be adopted to pandemic situation. Educational part of CAP – introduction for pupils - may be done online, so as preparation of the plan, analysis of the priority measures on the basis of previous energy audit and measures which are already done. But update of energy audit and technical improvements should be done directly in school. In the end of August updated manual on school Climate Action Plan will be provided by SPARE-orgcommittee to teachers, and in September experienced teacher will start testing this manual - the result should be new real school action plans. It is a good example of synergy of two projects for educating youth about climate – SPARE and ACCT!

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