Russian Social ecological Union conference “Climate and energy. Solutions for the future" St. Petersburg, 2016

November 1-3, in the suburbs of St. Petersburg Russian Social ecological Union/Friends of the Earth Russia held the conference "Climate and energy. Solutions for the future". Event was attended by 62 representatives of 30 environmental non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from 7 Federal districts of the Russian Federation. International seminar on NGO cooperation within the Civil society Forum EU-Russia "Energy sustainability and climate adaptation of regulated aquatic ecosystems management" and international seminar "Strengthening NGOs in promoting energy efficiency to local communities development and climate protection" happened within the days of conference. Conference presentations: November 2nd Plenary session “Energy” - Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE-Europe (International network for sustainable energy). EU Trends in Energy Efficiency and Danish Experiences. - Jagoda Munich, Friends of the Earth Croatia, Friends of the Earth International. Hydro power plants in Balkans. - Lyubomir Kostadinov. WWF-Bulgaria. Problems of small hydropower plants in Bulgaria.. - Victor Elistratov, Center for renewable energy, Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University. Status and prospects of RES development in Russia and in the world.. - Andrey Talevlin, For the nature\Decomatom Network, Chelyabinsk. The strategy of radioactive waste and nuclear fuel: Rosatom, the experience of neighbouring countries, Decomatom position, view of non-governmental organizations. - Olga Senova, Friends Of The Baltic. The results of the international project "Strengthening of NGOs in promoting energy efficiency for local development and climate protection". - Alexander Martynov, Interfax-ERA (environmental rating agency). Ratings of energy efficiency of Russian regions. New instruments of social control in the regions using environmental ratings and energy efficiency of business and economics. - Sergey Kostychev, S. Petersburg Center for energysaving. Energy efficiency in buildings, problems and solutions. Experience of energy service contracts. - Andrei Ozharovsky. The state and problems of nuclear energy. Role of the public in opposition to the dangerous projects. - Igor Bashmakov article, Center of energy efficiency. Dynamics of energy consumption and energy intensity of GRP (gross regional product) in the regions of Russia. November 3rd Plenary session “Climate” - Alexey Kokorin, WWF. Climate change – new data and status of preparations for the implementation of the Paris agreement. Jagoda Munich, President of Friends of the Earth International. Friends of the Earth actions for climate justice. - Vladimir Ponomarev Pacific Oceanological Institute. Climate change and extreme anomalies in the temperate latitudes of Eurasia. Alexey Grigoriev, RSEU. Problems of adaptation to global climate change in Russia. - Vladimir Belogolovov. Challenges and opportunities of increasing efficiency and climate adaptation of energy in the Baikal region. Experience of eco-NGOs. - Sergey Shapkhaev. Regulation of the water regime of lake Baikal during extreme climatic events. - Olga Senova, Ekaterina Uspenskaya, Climate Secretariat, RSEU. Regional Climate plans – NGOs view (presentation of new RSEU material). Seminar "Cooperation of NGOs within the Civil society Forum EU-Russia "Energy sustainability and climate adaptation of regulated aquatic ecosystems management". November 1st - Sergey Shapkhaev. NGOs experience to reduce the impact of existing and planned hydroelectric power stations on the ecosystem of lake Baikal. Legal aspects. - Lyubomir Kostadinov. WWF-Bulgaria. The development of hydropower plants in Bulgaria. Overview of the European legislation. - Askhat Kayumov, "Dront". Project of Cheboksary hydropower plant modernization (Volga river). Role of the public. Lessons for the future. - Vladimir Lagutov, "Green Don". Water deformators of climate. - Kristian Rinchinov, Sergei Shapkhaev. The conservation of forests in the basin of lake Baikal as a way to maintain a stable flow of rivers: actions of NGOs. November 2nd - Vladimir Belogolovov, Challenges and opportunities of reducing coal generation in the Baikal region under conditions of climate change. - Igor Shkradyuk, Centre for wildlife conservation. Trajectories and economic mechanisms of the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy sources. Alexander Kolotov, "Dam", Yevgeny Simonov. How NGOs can contribute to the export of Chinese "green" technologies in the energy sector of EU countries and the Russian Federation through the Program "silk road". The conference adopted following documents: Position paper of Russian non-governmental organizations regarding the 22nd Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP22/CMP12) in Marrakesh, Morocco. Matrix “THREATS-ACTIONS” in the field of climate adaptation of regulated water ecosystems (HPP) (eng) NGO Road Map for Promotion of Climate Adaptation HPP and Sustainable Energy (eng) RSEU statement "Public participation in matters of radioactive waste management" (rus)