Friends of the Baltic joined the World Car Free Day

22 of September in St.Petersburg at the Ecocentrum demonstration complex Friends of the Baltic have organized the Open Day dedicated to the World Car Free Day. Friends of the Baltic staff arrived to the office by bicycles, scooters, public transport, and opened doors for all those, who are interested to learn more about the impact of transport on the climate and the environment in general, as well as on the available nature and climate friendly transport solutions.

In 2016 St. Petersburg city second time officially joined the European Mobility Week and the World Car Free day.

The main purpose of this day is to draw public attention to the development of sustainable transport, and show available alternative means of transportation. Car Free Day is aimed to reduce the number of cars on the streets and roads, and support more sustainable modes of transport, especially cycling and public transport.

Olga Senova, the Friends of the Baltic chairperson: "I fall in love with the bike a long time ago, in ecological expeditions along the shores of the Gulf of Finland. Today I have arrived from Peterhof to the city center without problems: 30 km with a train, and 5 km on the bike. Pleased byfeelings of mobility and independence, but disappointed by smells of gassy streets. And still, the bike - a great workout for the joints, without undue burden."

Ekaterina Uspenskaya, project coordinator: "I go to the office by bike for the second year, about 8 km in one direction. I’m not yet mastered driving in winter and heavy rain, but these skills are ahead. The main things are: the competent equipment, following the traffic rules, and confidence on the road. And say NOto headphones!"

Aleksandr Esipenok, project coordinator: "I go by foot to the office without using public transportation: the walking distance from my home to the work place is 25 minutes, I’m lucky. But in general I love the scooter and often and ride through the streets and parks of our city. When I rented an apartment in another place, I drove on scooter to the metro station.

Anna Casina, project coordinator: "I think that we need to start thinking about the environment protectionfrom childhood. But teaching a child to love nature and take care of its resources it’s necessary not in the form of notations or edification, but by example of yourself. "Do not bring up your children, they will still like you. Bring up yourself "- this rule also applies in the field of nature protection! On the World Car Free Day we drove with my daughter from home to kindergarten by bicycle and firmly decided toleave this habit in our family traditions."

The year ago within the first Car Free Day and European Week of Mobility in St. Petersburg Friends of the Baltic also have organized an action to raise public awareness on the sustainable solutions in the sphere of climate, transport and environment (, talking to residents on the negative impact of fossil fuel using transport to the air, and globally to the climate of our planet.

Two-thirds of all oil produced in world is burned in car engines, car exhausts give 4/5 of air pollution in urban areas, and transport is responsible for 13-15% of global greenhouse emissions. The most environmentally friendly ways of transportation are: bicycle, train and public transport with high occupancy.

Choose a more eco-friendly modes of transport! Less CO2, more life!

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