This Earth Day, April 22, 2016, marks the beginning of the Week of Action to protect the Climate, a Climate Ambassadors campaign, created by the Russian Social Ecological Union’s Climate Secretariat, the SPARE program, and Friends of the Baltic NGO.

From April 22 to May 1, in 15 regions of Russia there will be classes, open lectures and interactive lessons held for people of all ages, as well as local actions to support simple solutions to tackling climate change.

The official signing ceremony of the Paris Agreement will take place these days at the UN headquarters in New York City. This is a new universal international agreement that encompasses joint action of countries to mitigate climate change and adapt to its consequences.

Climate change is happening now – we see usual weather patterns change and natural disasters become more frequent. In every country and every region of the world, there are worrying signs of climate changes leading to big losses and damage.

UN experts say that human activities contribute greatly to climate change. We say that if everyone takes action, together we can help change the situation.

In order to spread the idea wider and let people know ways everyone can minimize their climate impact, Friends of the Baltic and RSEU Climate Secretariat created a set of materials for Climate Ambassadors. Climate Ambassadors are those who would like to learn more about the issue and the solutions, and to take it further and give classes based on these materials, as well as trainings and actions. Over 80 people from all over Russia joined the webinar that was organized on April 11 to present the Climate Ambassadors idea and materials.

A Climate Ambassador is someone who cares about what kind of world they are going to leave behind. Anyone can become a Climate Ambassador, regardless of age and education, for example, a high school student, college student, a working adult etc. One just has to study the manual and learn to explain the slides in the presentation. The materials talk about the causes of climate change and what can be done to reduce our negative impact on the climate. The manual described several pedagogical tools and interactive exercises that will help motivate the audience to take action. The manual helps to initiate the discussion about energy solutions and other tools that can help slow down climate change. Our goal is to let everyone know that they can contribute to solving a global issue by starting to incorporate simple solutions and actions into their daily lives.

Everyone who takes part in the campaign and holds a Climate Ambassador class is welcome to send us a short illustrated report and will receive a personalized certificate. Your reports will be included in the final campaign report and in our news columns and mailing list.

Let’s save our climate together!

Friends of the Baltic and RSEU Climate secretariat team
Tel.: 8 (921) 744-42-55