SPARE at the VII international specialized exhibition "Energy saving and efficiency. The innovative technologies”

SPARE project presented at the round table "Promotion of energy efficiency in budgetary institutions and housing fund" within the VII international specialized exhibition "Energy saving and efficiency. Innovation technologies" held on 7 October 2015 in St. Petersburg.

At the event the results of regional stage of the Second all-Russian competition of implemented projects in the field of energy saving, energy efficiency and development of energy ENES-2015 were summed up. “Friends of the Baltic" was awarded the Diploma of the regional competition ENES-2015 for organizing the regional competition of school projects on energy efficiency "Energy and environment" and educational project "Energyefficient Saint-Petersburg" in cooperation with the St. Petersburg Center for energy Conservation.

Diplomas to winners were handed by the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on energy D. V. Dolgov. Among the projects that won the regional stage were:
Project on led architectural lighting (LENSVET)
Best energy efficient apartment building (the St. Petersburg Association of homeowners)
Best energy efficient control system in an industrial plant (Svetlana-optoelectronics)
The best projects to promote energy conservation – Friends of the Baltic, Centre of Energy saving, Vodokanal, Polytechnic University, Motor transport and Electromechanical College.

At the Round table Director of the Center for energy saving Evgeniy Baranovskiy, presented data on energy consumption in St. Petersburg. The annual consumption of the city - 23 billion kWh of electricity and 12 billion cubic meters of gas and 345 million Gcal of heat. First place by consumption is the population and the second is industry. Therefore, the priority task is to promote the conservation and monitoring of the implementation of regional energy efficiency programs.

Kostychev, Sergei Nikolaevich, Deputy Director for development at St. Petersburg Center for energy saving provided information on energyefficient modernization of state-funded institutions using the mechanism of energy service contracts. Energy service contract allows you to implement energy efficiency measures at the company's expense – and free of charge for educational institutions. The expenses borne by the company, covering them at the expense of savings obtained due to the introduced measures. Part of the savings remains at the budgetary institutions to reward and encourage energyefficient actions.

In St. Petersburg already selected several dozen Educational Institutions, where energy efficiency and modernization can provide significant savings.
Experts of the Center of energy showed the most significant causes of heat loss in multi-storey buildings, and the ways of eliminating these losses. First of all, poorly insulated doors and windows, poor insulation of the pipes of the upper filling. In state institutions there is the same problem. To solve such issues energy conservation measures should be combined with existing and planned overhauls.

Presentation of Darya Mytareva (Friends of the Baltic) was devoted to educational activities under the SPARE project – the world's largest educational project for schoolchildren in the field of climate and energy saving. A special place in the performance was given to the means of education on practical energy saving measures at school and at home and the contest of creative projects "Energy and environment". The main idea of the project is that even simple measures, every day, can afford us to save large amounts of energy that will save the climate and save the Planet's resources.