What Climate Change will Bring to Us?

Российские и западные средства массовой информации облетела новость о потерях России от таяния вечной мерзлоты, многомиллиардный масштаб которых озвучил замглавы Минвостокразвития Александр Крутиков. По мнению представителей общественных экологических организаций, чтобы снизить потери, РФ должна как можно скорее принять стратегию адаптации к изменениям климата.

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Абсолютно все жители Земли прямо или косвенно зависят от океана и криосферы. Из-за изменения климата уровень моря повышается, океаны становятся теплее, теряют кислород и становятся все более кислыми, тают ледники, плавится вечная мерзлота. - Межправительственная группа экспертов по изменению климата (МГЭИК) опубликовала Специальный доклад об океанах.

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Отчет Международной группы экспертов по изменению климата о повышении температуре на планете произвел много шума, даже не успев выйти в свет. Представители гражданского общества считают, что для человечества не столько важно – два или полтора градуса, сколько признание неотложности конкретных всеобщих действий по снижению выбросов парниковых газов.

According to meteorologists’ data, each of the past 2016 months has made its own temperature record. Such situation concerns academics and representatives of environmental public organizations who believe that climate changes not only provoke cataclysms but also are a fraught with hazardous incidents caused by permafrost thawing.

Plans for the Paris Climate Agreement implementation remain the subject of controversies in the Russian business community. One part of entrepreneurs sees the low-carbon plans as a threat to the economy. Businessmen who don’t share this position, experts, and NGO representatives find such opinion quite archaic and put forward proposals for the Strategy of low-carbon development.

April 26 marked 30 years since the Chernobyl NPS nuclear disaster. The events which had taken place in spring 1986 are listed in the world history as a major nuclear catastrophe. Despite the fact that the world community has acknowledged the dangers of nuclear energy, attempts to include NPSs in the list of possible ways for greenhouse gas emission reduction never stop. The nuclear power generation industry cannot help solving the problem: it only creates new ones, experts and representatives of public environmental organizations are sure.

Along with over 170 other countries, Russia signed the Paris Agreement – the new international climate agreement due to replace the Kyoto protocol – at a ceremony held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. This day will be remembered for the highest number of countries that signed an international agreement on day one.

In the course of the World Economic Forum in the end of January in Davos, establishment of the Global Commission on Business and Sustainable Development was announced. Companies which join the global events on the planet’s natural resources protection climate problems solving might get huge benefits and protect their long-term result rating, economists say. Climate-related business initiatives started to appear in Russia.

In the present year, carbon intensity of the internal regional product (IRP) should turn into one of the indexes of regional authority’s efficiency. Representatives of public environmental organizations welcome implementation of the data reporting on greenhouse gas emissions; however, they believe that the effectiveness would go higher if regions acquire financial incentives for realization of their plans besides the only moral support.

During the climate conference in Paris, several influential financial organizations, along with heads of states and corporate CEOs made a public statement to support putting a price tag on carbon. However, the international community has mixed feelings about carbon trade.