Ural activists decided to take up waste management; an environmental festival was held; an essay competition was announced and "clean games" were held.

First, in Yekaterinburg, near most popular shopping centers "Mega" was held the Green Fest -environmental festival. “Zeleny Dozor” activists took part in this event dedicated to the development of a conscious and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Everyone could hand in garbage to an organized site for separate waste collection. The main venues included an eco-cosmetics fair, an eco-friendly food court, a lecture hall on the city’s environmental issues, and workshops on recycling unnecessary things.

Second, the Ekaterinburg branch of  “Zeleny Dosor” together with the Ural State Pedagogical University with the support of the Environmental Management Committee of Yekaterinburg Municipality announced an essay contest on the proper management of household waste.

Competition nominations:

  “Poems on the rules of rational waste management”;

  "The second life of Things";

  “Sort garbage correctly”;

  “Waste Management: Future Technologies”;

  “The proper management of municipal solid waste as an important factor in the sustainable development of a modern city.”

“To speak, and most importantly, - to practically act in solving the problem of waste management is very important, - says Olga Podosenova, coordinator of the School Energy Project (SPARE) in the Urals region. - It's great if it turns out to be done creatively ... The most important thing is to change the consumer consciousness to an environmental,  no other way.”

In yet other, waste management is main issues of activities for young ecologists from “Zeleny Dosor”. They became participants in the Clean Games eco-quest in Severouralsk - more than a hundred young activists cleared the territory of the “Three Brothers” nature monument and collected half a ton of garbage.

In a clearing near the famous North Ural cliffs representatives of ten teams gathered to pick their favorite place to relax and compete in cleaning and sorting of garbage.

The purpose of the events is to attract as many people as possible to environmental cleanups, making cleaning fun, competitive, mobile, because collecting bins is boring.

At the "bonus" -site (#zdozor_svu), eco-quest participants were invited to study the types of waste, find out how many years it takes to decompose and how to properly dispose of it.

Valeria Mikhailova (school number 9): “This is the first time I’ve attended this event, I’ll really like it, it causes great excitement, I hope I will come next year too. I decided to go because I wanted to help nature and have fun in a good company”.

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