The directors of the SPARE schools in the Bryansk region participated in the XII International Forum "Ecology"

On May 24-25, 2021, the XII International Forum "Ecology" was held in Moscow. This is one of the largest industry events of the year, which is supported by the State Duma, the Federation Council, and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation. The Forum focused on the implementation of the national project " Ecology "and topical issues of the transition to a" green " economy. The forum worked in different formats. More than 1,200 delegates from 80 regions of Russia discussed important environmental issues at business sessions: reducing the negative impact on the environment and saving the climate, developing the waste management industry, eliminating accumulated environmental damage, environmental monitoring, and many others. Special attention was paid to environmental education and education.

The delegation of directors and teachers of the Bryansk SPARE Community took an active part in all the events of this largest environmental event of the year. The attention of teachers at the conference was drawn to the speech of N. S. Valuev, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Ecology and Environmental Protection, and R. S. Edelgeriev, President of Russia on climate issues.

Koryagina N. P., director of the Domashovskaya School from the Bryansk district, one of the project managers and a diploma winner of the All-Russian competition of school projects on the rational use of resources and energy in the 2020-2021 academic year, made a great presentation about the long-term work of the school on the topics of SPARE: "Energy efficiency", "Conservation of resources and energy", "Climate change", "Rational waste management".

Natalia Pavlovna Koryagina, using the example of her "Domashovskaya" school, spoke about many years of systematic work on ecology in the Bryansk region. Special attention of the Forum participants was drawn to the materials, photos, statistics, and suggestions made by N. P. Koryagina on the activities of schoolchildren on the topics "No waste" and resource conservation.

Rural students at this school constantly collect and recycle plastic, paper, scrap metal. They also help to maintain the order of several lakes, springs, small forest rivers, forest recreation areas. In their administrative district, students initiate educational work aimed at eco-friendly consumption to change consumer habits and form a "green" consciousness. To conduct this information campaign, students use the materials of the SPARE Program.

In addition, students are doing a lot of experimental work on energy-saving modernization of ordinary school and home devices: heating boilers, old garden tractors, cars for the children of their kindergarten. All these works were awarded with diplomas of SPARE in different years.

At the XII International Forum "Ecology", much attention was paid to the development of the northern territories of Russia. And the Forum participants learned with great interest about such a topical project of Bryansk schoolchildren "Teleportation of geyser energy will save us from nuclear power plants!" (co-head of Koryagina N. P.).

The presentation aroused great interest and numerous questions not only from the invited participants, but also from the presenters. Valuev N. S. after numerous clarifying questions, highly noted the environmental activities of this school and presented the students with a volleyball ball with his autograph.

Of course, the events of the Forum were not limited to discussions alone. An extensive exhibition of technological achievements in the field of ecology was organized at these sites, which was attended by leading Russian companies involved in the environmental development of our country.

But every Forum member understood: "Environmentally sustainable development in the present and in the future is in the hands of each of us. And a special role is given to the environmental education of the younger generation."



Zhirina L. S., Dr. in Biology

Koryagina N. P., Director of Domashovskaya School, Bryansk Region

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