The project of the 9-year-old Moscow schoolgirl wins the first prize in the competition SPARE- 2019

Author: Anna Krat., teacher of "Gymnasium   № 4" Podolsk, the Moscow region.

Translator: Marina Shelkunova, teacher of "Gymnasium № 1 of the Bryansk district", the Bryansk region

In 2019-2020 academic year all pupils of the third form of "Gymnasium №. 4" Podolsk, the Moscow region took an active part in the contest of school projects "Energy and Habitat" of the SPARE program.

Anna Krat, the homeroom teacher of the 3rd form became interested in the SPARE Program in 2017. Pupils studied the topic of energy and resource saving, took part in the holding of the "Energy Saving Day." In 2019-2020 academic year, they decided to engage in the project activity.

Each student with great love developed and formalized the theme that was close to him and his family. Schoolchildren drew posters, took photos, works, carried out energy monitoring in school and in the family. All projects were really emotional, unusual and interesting.

The project by Darya Kozlovskaya "Newspaper “Raindrops" was recognized as the best in the class. She sent it to the regional competition and then to the all-Russian one. This project of the 9-year-old girl about   a real daily saving of resources and energy in a large family became the winner of the Russian competition SPARE - 2019. She took the first place in the nomination "Informing of Society"!

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