Russian Social Ecological Union

Russian Social Ecological Union (RSEU) is a democratic non-governmental non-profit organizations, managed with elected Council and annual conference.

RSEU mission is uniting potential of its members for securing harmony between nature and society, conservation and restoration of nature and culture environment, preventing actions leading destruction of nature and people health.

RSEU thematic priorities are:
Conservation of nature and biodiversity, protection of water resources, promotion of energy efficiency, energy saving and renewable energy sources, climate change adaptation and mitigation, environmental education for sustainable development, securing nuclear and radioactive safety, preventing the constructions of objects hazardous for nature and people, promotion of environmentally friendly urban development approaches, supporting green business.

RSEU was established in 1992. Totally 242 member organizations and 333 individuals registered – from all over Russia from Far East to the Western border of Russian Federation. More than 40 member organizations actively participate in RSEU projects and programs, in network activities.

RSEU programs/project/campaigns

Web-site: rusecounion.ru
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/rusecounion
vKontakte page: https://vk.com/rusecounion (vKontakte - the most popular in Russia social network)