Central Federal District kindergartens actively participate in SPARE program

Adults and children attending kindergartens in the Central Federal District of the Russian Federation began to participate in the SPARE program since 2014. During this time, the SPARE program coordinators of our region developed business games on energy saving exclusively for children. The games were adapted from a book called “The thermal power plant from nothing” by V. Shinkarenko, the author of methodical recommendations for the creation of warm houses for pets.

In early 2017, Methodists Bryansk regional public organization "Viola" prepared an electronic version of the book "Warm houses for birds." The book contains detailed explanations and drawings for many species of birds that live in our area. We sent these materials to SPARE member schools and kindergartens located in the central federal district.

In the winter, parents and teachers helped children and adolescents to make different kinds of houses, keeping the sizes and recommendations. Teachers of kindergartens offered to decorate every cowshed, a birdhouse, a dub. Kindergartens in the Yaroslavl region created whole themed alleys, where the houses for birds were painted in different colors, the exterior parts were designed in the form of musical instruments or the interior of the forest.

Educators in the Moscow and Bryansk regions conducted cycles of theoretical studies with children and excursions with each age group to new the houses populated by birds. Now the children have begun to make feeders for the birds living in newly built houses in winter.

Parents have also been helping the children to learn the modern possibilities of building materials that can be used to insulate houses for birds. SPARE initiated the direction tagged: "Create your own warm house for every bird!". This activity is understandable for children and has influenced a lot of emotions and suggestions.

Authors: Lyudmila Zhirina, Natalia Zaitseva

Interpreter: Bamidele Oni,

Founder, Green Impact Eco-Smart Development, and Advocacy Initiative