International Climate Negotiations

The 26th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change ended on Saturday, November 13. Negotiations were held in Glasgow, Scotland, and lasted longer than expected. The schedule of November 12 did not end the negotiations as originally planned. But thanks to a compromise that not everyone was happy with, the convention parties came to an agreement on the main points.

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The first week of the UN international climate talks in Glasgow began with the World Leaders Summit, which brought together more than 120 heads of state — a record number since the Paris conference in 2015. 

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Due to climate change Russia will face weather phenomena never seen before - the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has published the first part of the Sixth Assessment Report. According to experts and representatives of public organizations, measures to reduce emissions and adaptation should be taken immediately.

In Madrid, Spain, on December 2nd the 25th round of international negotiations of the Parties to the United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP25) has opened. The COP25 conference of the parties gathered more than 25,000 participants from nearly 200 countries. These negotiations are expected to complete the adoption of the rules of the Paris Agreement, which comes into force in 2020. Russian non-governmental organizations have issued a Statement on their expectations from the negotiations and from national climate actions.

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At the G7 Summit, UN Secretary General António Guterres announced an extreme climate situation. Specialists of the Climate Secretariat of the Russian Social and Ecological Union believe that it is high time for Russia, which is subject to climate change more than other regions, to take more decisive measures to implement the Paris Agreement.

“The progress in climate negotiations is obvious, but several essential issues would not allow to reach a consensus.” An extraordinary session of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), at which the rules for the Paris Agreement were to be prepared, took place in Bangkok (Thailand).

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The report of the International Expert Group on the climate change regarding the temperature increase on the planet had made a lot of noise yet before it has been publicized. Civil society activists believe that the actual figures of two or one point five degrees are less important than recognition of the urgency of specific universal actions on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

 A regular session of the UN climatic negotiations was over in Bonn (Germany). In the opinion of public environmental organizations’ representatives, all countries, including Russia, should strengthen their climatic activities: reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a more active manner, introduce low-carbon technologies, adapt to climate change, and help the most vulnerable countries.

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Observers and participants of the Climate Conference of the UN FCCC (СОР22) in Marrakech (Morocco) articulate their expectations. Representatives of public environmental organizations push for the global community to abandon hazardous and risky projects and provide support to the development of well-tried low-carbon technologies.

Every day one can hear the theme of renewable energy (RESs) at the negotiations in Marrakech. Two years of crashing prices for oil, natural gas, and coal triggered dramatic downsizing in those industries, while renewables have been thriving. Clean energy investments broke new records in 2015 and is now seeing twice as much global funding as fossil fuels.