"Open-air" in the Urals: "after us it's better than before us!"

The situation with the COVID-19 pandemic forced many plans to be replayed. However, the Urals participants of the School Energy Project (SPARE) managed to carry out a number of environmental events in the open air.

The team of the «Green Watch» Movement from Severouralsk (Sverdlovsk region) conducted several trips to the natural monuments located in the vicinity of the city. The sentinels always have a compulsory bag with them, in which they put all the garbage found on the road, in order to help the forest at least a little to cleanse itself of human interference - garbage thrown by tourists. The guys themselves left behind the parking lot cleaner than when they came to it. This is their motto: "After us it is better than before us!"

In Yekaterinburg in the area of a popular in the city "museum" place on the street was organized "Traveling light" - a bonfire with songs with a guitar, master classes, environmental lectures, virtual tours (VR excursions), eco-games, an exhibition and a tea zone.

Throughout the summer about a thousand schoolchildren, as well teachers, parents and volunteers from 24 settlements of the Sverdlovsk region took part in lectures, trainings and master classes.

As part of environmental and expeditionary teams activists organized and hosted dozens of environmental events of various formats. For example, “subbotnik” - traditional action with cleaning were diversified with competitions, tourist competitions, picnics, educational talks, games and online quizzes. During the events, SPARE materials and methods were used.

“I am glad that the pandemic could not destroy the summer plans of the Ural eco-activists,” - says Olga Podosenova, coordinator of the SPARE project in the Urals region. - It turned out that we managed to combine deal with pleasure - outdoor recreation and educational activities. Today's schoolchildren and students are enthusiastically involved in the discussion of the topic of climate change, waste management, because now each of us has the most direct impact on the environment, and if nothing is changed, the situation will become catastrophic. "

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