Junk off in Ural style

On the International Day of Energy Saving a series of offline remote and «hybrid» events dedicated to promoting energy efficiency was held in the Urals region.

In mid-November, on the initiative of the international ecological network "SPARE", it was declared the International Day of Energy Saving. Ural eco-activists support this event: eco-activists, “Green dozor” go to the energy patrols, share life hacks on the careful use of energy on pages in social networks, offer to exchange experiences and advice on saving energy at home, talk about family eco-rules.

“The use of electricity in everyday life has long ceased to be a luxury - says the head of the Green Dozor Movement Alexander Karpusheva - today you cannot imagine your life without electricity. Therefore, it should be saved and energy resources should be conserved. Not everyone understands this, and we explain. We ask simple questions: do you recycle garbage? How do you sort waste? I myself hand over household textiles to IKEA, clothes to H&M and the Thing of Goodness containers, in the residential complex where I live, there are battery containers in the entrances and bookcrossing is organized, there is a container for plastic, and I hand over waste paper at work ... "

November 15th is considered International Recycling Day. Many eco-communities in their social networks raised the issue of recycling and wise consumption, talked about the types of plastic and other waste. The team of the Green Dozor Movement at the site of the Yekaterinburg Museum of Nemusor (No-Museum of Waste) conducted guides on decluttering and creating an infrastructure for green life from scratch. They worked remotely and offline and communicated with speakers from other cities.

“We are tired of remote events. But this “strange” time made us all think about systemic problems, about the own place and own role of each of us in this world, ” - says Olga Podosenova, coordinator of the SPARE project in the Ural region. - We began to take more attention to our individual footprint on our Planet, to appreciate real touch communication and caring people. We looked differently at what we use every day and what we are doing with our Earth, to "junk off" not only our homes, but also our attitude to life and mind"



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