"Climatic gatherings" and "Solstice": how to relax in the summer for the benefit of the planet

The phrase "combine deal with pleasure" was taken literally by young Ural ecologists. Coming out of the classrooms and online rooms, they have not forgotten about their main goal. In summer camps, expeditions, creative workshops, on open-air sites, they continued to take care of the planet's climate.

Environmental events "Solstice", "Green Wave", Days of Clean Energy, in which more than 300 children took part, were held in the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk and Perm regions.

At the beginning of summer the environmental movement "Zeleny Dozor" and the educational center "Logos" (Severouralsk) held the festival "Solstice", dedicated to the indigenous inhabitants of the northern land - the Komi-Zyryan people and their traditions associated with nature-saving life activities. Children learned about the experience of living with a conscious attitude to natural resources, as well as about the unique biodiversity of the northern land and the role of northern ecosystems for the planet's climate.

In June the action "Tree of Life" was held in Severouralsk, which was carried out by “Zeleny Dozor”, the detachment "Kedrovichok", students of the Severouralsk Polytechnic. They planted seedlings of cedar, fir, juniper. “Deforestation all over the planet has a negative impact on climate change. We are engaged in education, so that from childhood a person understands the complex structure of ecosystems,” comments Elena Karpusheva, coordinator of the Zeleny Dozor Movement.

In July Ural environmentalists organized a rafting expedition along the Chusovaya River, which took place in the territories of the Sverdlovsk and the Perm regions. The purpose of the expedition was not only active recreation on the water, but also a large educational program. Including - conversations and games that demonstrate the "green lifestyle", forcing to look for options for renewable energy.

On Lake Itkul (Chelyabinsk region), a family ethno-ecological camp operated throughout the summer, the numerous events of which are a whole system of building a lifestyle that is friendly to nature and people's health, taking into account its smallest details, from waste minimization to vegetarian nutrition and optimal use energy.

The Days of Clean Energy were dedicated to the climate and everything connected with it. The summer camps even hosted "climate gatherings" - creative workshops and competitions on the topics of climate change, waste management and clean energy.

“Environmentalists are trying to find new “living” forms of activity in defense of the climate. - says Olga Podosenova, coordinator of the SPARE Project in the Ural region. – It is well known that any ideas from theory turn into reality only when they become understandable and close to people”.

The summer turned out to be rich in other events as well – a new environmental center “Sborka” (it means “setting-up”) was opened in Yekaterinburg. Here, various types of recyclable materials are visually presented, it is shown how the separation of plastic and other waste occurs, there is a “reconstruction” of the average bin. An important part of the "Sborka" is a recycling point, where everyone can hand over their accumulated garbage, dividing it into fractions. Ecologists agreed on permanent cooperation with the center, real work and activities for waste management

Summer continues, and young ecologists and their mentors have a lot of interesting and important things ahead.

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