The best projects of the SPARE rural school in the Central District of Russia became the "Author's textbook" for the course "Project Science"


Natalia Koryagina, director of the Domashovskaya secondary school, Bryansk region;

Ludmila Zhirina L.S., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Regional Coordinator of SPARE

Interpreter: Jo Vallentine, the coordinator of NGO People for Nuclear Disarmament (Australia)

In November 2021 Natalia Koryagina and Ludmila Zhirina collected the 10 best projects for the competition "Energy and Environment", created by schoolchildren and teachers of the MBOU "Domashovskaya Secondary School" in 2008-2021 and created from them a brochure "School research projects on resource conservation (under the SPARE program) - as one of the forms of educational and extracurricular activities of students”. The authors recommend using these materials for conducting classes on research activities and project studies, in accordance with the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard of secondary general education – 2021.

Since 2007, the Domashovskaya School of the Bryansk Region has been actively involved in the following issues: energy and resource conservation, energy efficiency, climate change and waste issues. Therefore, teachers and students with great enthusiasm entered the SPARE Program. Every year more than 50% of students take part in the Energy and Environment competition. 2-3 best school projects become participants in a regional competition. During 2008-2021, nine (9) projects of the Domashovskaya school became diploma winners of the All-Russian SPARE competition.

The school uses project materials (posters, development of lessons and extra-curricular activities, energy audit data, school energy-efficient devices) for classes in circles, during campaigns and open events, and has organized a mini-museum of handicrafts. Younger schoolchildren study with great interest models, posters, recommendations, booklets in the classroom in summer camps.

From September 1, 2021, in Russian schools, the Order of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation of 05/31/2021 No. 287 "On the approval of the federal state educational standard of basic general education" began to operate. It defines a special place for project and educational research technologies, raises their status in the formation of metasubject results.

Now the project activities in the primary and secondary levels of the school are being stepped up. And the training course "Individual project" for grades 10-11 in the curriculum is set as official. Pupils and teachers of the Domashovskaya school decided to take the books and teaching materials of the SPARE Program as a basis for conducting this training course. And to conduct practical and research classes, they collected all the successful author's projects of the Domashovskaya School over the years. The result is a 50-page brochure!

Our methodological recommendations: "School research projects on resource conservation (according to the SPARE program) - as one of the forms of educational and extracurricular activities of students" are compiled in accordance with the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard of SGE - 2021. This small book includes an explanatory note, thematic course planning and full texts with photographs of school and teacher projects in different nominations of the Energy and Habitat competition. The Domashovskaya school provided these materials in electronic and paper form to the schools-SPARE of the Central Federal District of Russia and is popularizing among educational and educational institutions that have not yet joined the School project on the use of resources and energy.



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